Let Me Shop For You

Do you panic at the last moments to an event to shop because you don’t have enough time?

Do you have problem identifying stores that hold pieces that suit your exact style?

Do you have a problem deciding what to choose whenever you go shopping?

All your shopping problems have just been laid to rest because you have found me.

I will pre-shop clothing in advance for you so that pieces that are perfect for your style and body-type are ready and waiting for you.

Worried about if I’ll get your perfect style and body-type without trying them out yourself at the shop or store?

  • We will have a heart to heart and fun-filled discussion about your lifestyle preferences, body features and goals to give me first-hand knowledge of the correct choices to make for you; and trust me, you’ll love them.
  • Put your mind at rest because my processes are top-notch to ensure that you’re thrilled with all the choices I make for you.
  • I’ll bring the clothes I select directly to your home or business place for you to try them on.
  • In the end, you’ll have your closet filled with all the types and styles of outfits that you’ve ever imagined.

Yeah, I am human, and probably not all clothes might fit perfectly but guess what!

  • You do not ever need to bother about returns because I’ll personally return all unfit and unwanted wears to the store.

I have got you covered on all your shopping needs; just one trial will keep you glued to me.

You can bank on me reaching out after about a week of our appointment to hand you a personalized style workbook containing every information we have shared concerning your fashion lifestyle.