James Bay

Cultural Fusion Photography Exhibition

Stylist: Sofia Tsaprazi www.sofiastylist.com

Make-Up Artists: Valentina Becker / Justine Chery / Elena Baraldo

Models: Iris @ GIRLmgmt / Justine @ The Brick Model Management / Sharika @ IVY Models / Stéphanie Cumini / Emma @ New Generation / Theresa @ Modelfabrik / Yen @ Cocaine Models / Laurie @ SEEDS

Dresses PointLoom by Fever showroom Greece
Kaftans Omanum by Fever showroom Greece
Scarf Codello from Bram Luxembourg
Rings SIX
Belt Omanum by Fever showroom Greece
Jewelries Astra Greece
Dress Asky Febrianti
Belt secondhand4sale
Rings and Necklace SIX
Trousers Just from Monar Antwerp
Shirt It‘s all Greek on me Greece
Turban and Rings SIX
Brown Coat Adriane Lila Fecke
Print Coat UOOYAA
Necklace and Earrings Anna Kitsou Greece
Print Coat DEVI Luxembourg
Brown Dress Adriane Lila Fecke
Print Shirt Nel Maertens
Dress SET from Bram Luxembourg
Blazer PointLoom by Fever showroom Greece
Necklace Anna Kitsou Greece
Belt secondhand4sale
Scarf Codello from Bram Luxembourg